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Source : MERN Forum #14, Session 1B
Date: 4/25/2008
Author: John George Hansen
Title : Swampy Cree educational traditions: Alternative approaches to dealing with conflict in community schools
Text : This paper deals with the issue of conflict resolution in relation to the Omushkegowuk (Swampy Cree) worldview. Arrays of elements are illustrated: the educational dimension of Cree philosophy; the significance of worldview in determining the methods of teaching and learning. And finally, a discussion on Cree approaches to dealing with conflicts in order to arrive at peace in the Aboriginal community. It is important to note that this paper is based on a subsection of my undefended (2008) doctoral dissertation entitled ‘An Exploration of Swampy Cree Restorative Justice’. It refers to the responses of six respected Cree elders who were asked the following research questions: 1).What do you believe we need to do in our schools and homes to promote peace and justice in our communities? 2).Could you say something about Cree peacemaking approaches that you have experienced or witnessed? 3). How did the teachings you received from your family and elders influence relationships in your life? Informed by the elders, a narrative and comparative understanding of Swampy Cree conflict resolution is provided. The basic assumption of this study is that old ways of responding to wrongdoing can be used to address various issues and problems that manifest in contemporary schools and communities. While the study is based on the Omushkegowuk experience of northern, Manitoba, its message is relevant to education in Aboriginal communities and society at large.
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