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Source : MERN Forum #14, Session 2B
Date: 4/25/2008
Author: Marlene Gallagher
Title : Community Schools Partnership Initiative
Text : The Community School Partnership Initiative was launched in January 2005. The main purpose of the Community Schools Initiative is to support schools in low socio-economic neighborhoods to enhance education outcomes by developing and strengthening partnerships among the education system, service delivery agencies, parents, community and community leaders. Community schools seek to engage parents, families and community in the creation of a community school plan. A welcoming school environment is significant toward creating these partnerships. Parents play a critical role in partnership with the school toward their child’s success and well-being. Community schools work to develop a sense of community where all members feel they belong, are included and are valued. Parents can help identify issues, set goals and priorities. The key elements in the Community Schools framework are: the learning program, parent and community partnerships, integrated services and community development.
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