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Source : MERN Forum #14, Session 2A
Date: 4/25/2008
Author: Alan Wiebe
Title : Engaging "At Risk" Inner City Youth Through Mentoring
Text : The mentorship program operating within the faculty of education at the university of winnipeg provides mentor support to a variety of student populations in manitoba’s public school system. The mentors who work with these students are fourth and fifth year teacher education students. Many are about to embark on their teaching careers in our schools. One of the populations that is served by the program are those students that are deemed "at risk" and are encountering difficulties in school due to issues relating to their socio-economic status. The presentation will take the audience into the structure of the mentorship project at the university of winnipeg from the standpoint of the coordinator, alan wiebe. Examples of the journal reflections of the university students will be shared.
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