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Source : MERN Forum 6, Concurrent Session 1B
Date: 5/20/2005
Author: Kris Friesen et al (Trustees of the Sunrise School Board)
Title : Policy Governance in Action!
Text : To make the most outstanding leadership team that makes the best possible decisions for students, the Sunrise trustees are in the midst of implementing the progressive Policy Governance Model made popular by John Carver. It is the desire of the newly amalgamated Sunrise School Board to make a bigger impact on all facets of the organization and the trustees believe that the Policy Governance Model will provide clarity for their organization by defining the roles of the Board which will provide clear accountability and effective leadership. It is an authentic model which ensures the board lives out its chosen role in specific ways at scheduled times. The Sunrise School Board will give first hand accounts of why they have decided to go this route, where they are headed in terms of this model, and the steps they are taking to becoming an effective and efficient leadership, or more specifically, high-powered, well-intentioned people engaged in high-level activities making a deliberate difference for all students and staff. Sunrise is not only adopting a model that is based on solid research but embraces the flexibility of the governance arrangements by varying them according to the organization’s circumstances. Policy Governance is based on principles that form a platform technology for governance and the Sunrise School Board’s goal is to create a new standard of excellence in governance. We believe this model will: · Distinguish governing work from management work; · Link us more closely with our ownership (taxpayers, students, parents, teachers, staff); · Create safe and empowering delegation to others; · Create clear roles and accountability for these roles; and · Include Board education as a vital part of developing effective team leadership. John Carver’s research on the Policy Governance Model was the basis for this presentation, highlighting research from his articles and books, namely, Boards That Make A Difference: A New Design for Leadership in Non-profit and Public Organization, and Reinventing Your Board: A Step by Step Guide to Implementing Policy.
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