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Source : MERN Forum 5, Concurrent Session 2E
Date: 3/4/2005
Author: Dan Smith, Sr.Policy Analyst, COPSE
Title : This presentation will report on a design experiment (Cobb et al., 2003) aiming to develop curriculum that incorporates the thinking of Archimedes about the geometry of the circle into high school mathematics. Students graphed relationships among radius,
Text : This presentation discusses the relationship between transition and post-secondary education (PSE), and in particular looks at how students’ experiences support transition to PSE. The idea of transition to post-secondary education is summarized as conceptually including aspects of both accessibility and retention in post-secondary education, meaning that transition includes barriers to entrance to and early persistence at college or university. Because of this scope, it is argued that transition can serve as a theoretical bridge between accessibility and retention. Other research has noted that many barriers to university and college tend to be in place well before a student is of post-secondary age. Among the significant transitional barriers that must be overcome are those that are “intergenerational,” including parental education level, socio-economic status and family/peer supports. Experience in other jurisdictions shows that transition programs can help to mitigate the effects of these intergenerational barriers. Additionally, student supports in the first year of post-secondary study can help to ensure orientation to the new environment, helping with persistence in the first year of studies. Finally, the presentation will summarize approaches to transition that have been successfully used in other jurisdictions, as well as examples of transition programs in Manitoba.
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