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Source : MERN Forum 5, Concurrent Session 4C
Date: 3/4/2005
Author: Deb McCallum
Title : From Home To School We Go
Text : The “home to school” transition is an exciting and important transition for the preschooler. The success of this transition is increased if children are adequately prepared for readiness to learn in school. The development of the Preschool Activity Resource Kit was initiated in response to the brain research, which highlights the importance of the early years in brain development, literacy, social skills, and ultimately, in preparing children for readiness to learn as they make that all important transition from home to school. To assist with this process, these kits provide parents with valuable information on safety, nutrition, behaviour, literacy/numeracy, and activities that encourage parent-child interaction and learning. They are distributed to parents of preschool children on an individual basis, or through informational sessions held in each community within Rolling River School Division. The kits are also distributed through various intersectoral/community partnerships. The program began in March of 2002, and with the recent production of an additional two hundred kits, the program is sustaining itself within Rolling River School Division, as we continue to explore different ways to most effectively distribute this kit to as many preschool parents as possible. Every kit that reaches the hands of a preschool parent will help them increase their child’s preparedness and readiness to learn in school, and consequently, strengthen the “home to school” transition.
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