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Source : MERN Forum 5, Concurrent Session 3B
Date: 3/4/2005
Author: Dr. Ralph Mason
Title : Action Research Comes of Age
Text : Traditionally, collaborative classroom research has been viewed as a poor cousin of other forms of more empirically oriented work, acknowledged more for its suitability for teachers looking to improve their practice than for clarifying and resolving theoretical issues and larger-scale practical dilemmas. Education as a field of inquiry is recognized now as a practical and relational (personal and interpersonal, social and contextual) practice, rather than as an objective disciplinary body of general knowledge. As a consequence, educational researchers are recognizing and valuing the privileged position of teachers in classrooms as a location for drawing meaningful data and for meaningful professional insight. Action researchers continue to pursue improvements in professional practice. However, they are also developing and refining educational theories. They are enriching our field’s understanding of learning, teaching, and the contexts where it takes place. This presentation will describe three collaborative research projects undertaken this year with funding from the Imperial Oil Academy for the Learning of Mathematics, Science, and Technology. The intention is not just to illustrate the evolution of collaborative classroom research, but to help audience members perceive within their own practice how collaborative classroom research could enhance their professional activities and contribute to the field’s overall understanding of educational issues.
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