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Source : MERN Forum 1, Keynote Presentation
Date: 11/21/2003
Author: Dr. Ben Levin
Title : Improving Learning Outcomes
Text : Improving outcomes, especially for less successful learners, is the first priority in Manitoba's K-S4 Agenda. The Agenda is itself important as a set of ambitious yet achievable goals that are widely endorsed by the educational community in Manitoba and based on sound research. The focus on outcomes matters because Manitoba continues to have large gaps between most and least successful learners, and it is vital to decrease inequities as well as increasing performance generally. Evidence indicates that gaps can be reduced with consistent effort. A comprehensive strategy requires attention to factors beyond the school as well as in the school. Broader strategies include increasing attention to the well-being of very young children (prenatal to age 3), increasing opportunities for adult education for low-skill adults, and ensuring that education policies support efforts to strengthen families and local communities beyond the school. Within the school efforts should focus on improving teaching and learning practices through focused professional development. School planning and reporting provides the overall focus for improvement. Stronger connections with parents and families are very important in supporting children. Students are also a key resource and should play a greater role. These changes will require relentless focus on key priorities and the reallocation of resources from less important (but still worthwhile) tasks to the absolutely critical tasks. Improvements efforts should be grounded, wherever possible, in research and evidence, but practice should also be an important influence on the kind of research that is done.
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